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Cobra Vertebrae Bracelets 

Snakes have historically been viewed in negative lights and have been abhorred by many. Some would enjoy totally eradicating these sly creatures. While others are drawn to them hoping to somehow tame them as pets. 

This polarizing creature has a sorted history but also many positive symbolisms; hence in the medical field we find the image of a rod with two intertwined snakes with wings called the caduceus. This symbol is attributed to Grecians however it is most likely borrowed from Hebrews on their exodus from Kemet also known as Egypt. The biblical account declares Moses raised up his rod with two serpents that generated healing and rebirth when looked upon. 

Snakes in many cultures represent rebirth, transformation, eternity, and immortality due to the shedding of skin through sloughing. 

If you want to truly stand out with an exquisite conversation piece, add this authentic cobra vertebrae bracelet to your collection! 

The bracelet comes in: White, Black, and Brown. To make the various colors the natural bone has been stained to either black or brown hues while leaving the white unaltered. 

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