Love Waist Beads

Love Waist Beads

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African Christmas Beads, better known as Love Beads are especially appealing as Waist Beads. 

In many African countries waist beads hold a significant role capturing the essence of femininity. Waist beads are not exclusive to Africa, Asia has its own take on waist beads; for example India and Sri Lanka  have very elaborate designs adorned during weddings. In West African culture women wear waist beads as a way to enhance their femininity, rite of passage, weight management, and as an aphrodisiac amongst other reasons. 

Waist beads can be worn both under and over clothes. However most women reserve them to be worn under clothes for a special someone. Buy a gift that both of you will appreciate but its For Your Eyes Only. 

  • Seed Beads made of Multicolored Recycled Glass from Ghana
  • 38” - 42” in length per strand 
  • Customize size for desired length 
  • add $5 for plus sizes 
  • contact for specific size changes