Panther Matrix Bracelet
Panther Matrix Bracelet

Panther Matrix Bracelet

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Welcome to the “Matrix” bracelet! This exclusive handmade beaded bracelet is constructed of a Matrix of three forms of Tigers Eye: Yellow, Red, and Blue. These three stones are also known as Tigers Eye, Ox Eye, and Hawk Eye!! These stones are naturally formed this way in nature when exposed to varying levels of heat over different periods of time.


Depending on the color of Tigers eye it could represent: strength, power, confidence, intelligence, problem solving, self-determination, focus, vision, and declaration. This collection, adorned with various embellishments harnesses all three Tigers Eye to form a unique bracelet that is sure to be a conversation piece in your collection.


  • 10mm Multicolored Tigers Eyes
  • 10mm 18k overlaid bling w/CZ
  • 12mm Panther 18k overlaid